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About Us

“Better Vision Better Hope”
is a project of the
Daniel Migael Foundation, Inc.
(a non-profit organization)

The Daniel Migael Foundation, Inc is a group of volunteers that is dedicated to making vision care accessible to those who have found themselves in less than desirable circumstances (shelters) and resource-poor communities. Our goal is to better the chances for them to contribute back to their communities and families whether that be through education, employment or life skills.


  • Vision screening*
  • Dispensing of free prescription glasses and UV-protecting sunglasses
  • Education of proper eye care (Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma, Dry Eye)
  • Community organized health fairs & Free Clinics world-wide
  • Monthly programs in facilities (shelters, group homes) to offer access of vision care at no cost to their residents

*The screenings include a vision check to determine if glasses are needed, health screening for detection of early ocular conditions and education of most common eye-related questions.


  • Travel with portable equipment to convert any useable space into a screening area
  • Pack over 800 pairs of prescription and reading glasses
  • Pack over 300 pairs of UV-protecting sunglasses
  • Dispense educational materials on eye care
  • Dispense artificial tears, allergy drops and other therapeutic solutions as necessary


  • Funding for all travel expenses, equipment, prescription glasses and supplies are made possible by private, group and corporate contributions.
  • Generous donations afford us to inventory frames, prescription lenses, sunglasses, printed educational materials and replenish basic supplies (alcohol pads,  Kleenex, batteries, etc.)
  • All donations are made payable to Daniel Migael Foundation, Inc , a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that created and subsidizes the community projects.


Gayle Y. Daniels, OD: Founder and Executive Director


Watching my father’s career as an Army Optometrist influenced by decision to become an Optometrist, commissioned in the Air Force and now owner of a private practice in Fort Worth.  Volunteering with my mother in a nursing home as she performed the duties of the Director of Nurses nurtured by compassion for helping others.  It was only natural to combine these two and birth the “Daniel Migael Foundation, Inc”

Our non-profit is dedicated to providing vision services to those in need nationally and internationally through our flagship program, “Better Vision Better Hope”.  What makes us unique is that we are completely mobile and travel to where the need is…homeless shelters, rehab facilities, group homes, uninsured communities.


Kristopher Watts Lavetta Amacker Craig Edward Teresa Navarro Anthony Daniels, II

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